Saturday, February 12, 2011


feelin edge..

everything be my reminiscing,

i do update a lot of status on fb such a dumd..

the more person appear when im feelin alone is uncertain person.
3 hours ago 

why we wont appreciate the uncertain person like we did to sum1 we love whereas they always be by ourside too..
3 hours ago 

when sum1 care of our sorrow why we still keep it inside, is that because of we should hide it or because they r not moderate?
3 hours ago 

sum peep are easy to understand , am i among the others who hard to be understand?
3 hours ago

simple ! make it secret.. ihikk ^_^
2 hours ago 

2 hours ago

well rest in bathtub... *depression*
about an hour ago

nails art time.
51 minutes ago

why this shit  happened to me...

tired of being dolls.

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