hari-hari indah

our 1st rushing meet in Titiwangsa.
it was my 1st kiss i received from him.
im so glad u can accept me in a short time..
thanks hney,,..
13th DECEMBER 2010

our second
still remember the river near the bus stop..
i was so excited..
again thanks a lot..never forget u how the way u serve me..

18th DECEMBER 2010

happy new year hney,,.
even i cant calebrate it with u ,we still having a wonderful moments,
thanks 4 the present i really appreciate it.. i always keep the 'A'
with me..
1st JANUARY 2011

miss u so much..
u never let my lip dry..
love it,..
wish we would happy ever after coz i really love u Azizi..
5th JANUARY 2011

he came..heheh "clinic"
6th  JANUARY 2011

date ma...aiyaaa,,exciting,exhausted..extend lol..
cute huh,,heheeh(gedix)

8th JANUARY 2011

story of the day..
love u damn much..
thanks 4 doing all this thing,,
12th JANUARY 2011

cont::  hope we gonna be happy like this till the end b..
coc i reallylove u n wanna be with u4eva after
may god bless us amin...15-16th
16th january 2011

chosen suit..huhuh
19th January ..a lot o f thing happened in january..n it almost ends..
hope u ll never forget me..
uitt how could this be?..we ve got same i miss u too..

19th JANUARY-21st JANUARY 2011

meeting in a short day...

coz of too miss u n u too miss me..
then this two person meet each other..

23nd JANUARY 2011