Thursday, January 6, 2011

hari-hari indah

 our 1st rushing meet in Titiwangsa.
it was my 1st kiss i received from him.
im so glad u can accept me in a short time..
thanks hney,,..
13th DECEMBER 2010

our second
still remember the river near the bus stop..
i was so excited..
again thanks a lot..never forget u how the way u serve me..

18th DECEMBER 2010

happy new year hney,,.
even i cant calebrate it with u ,we still having a wonderful moments,
thanks 4 the present i really appreciate it.. i always keep the 'A'
with me..
1st JANUARY 2011

miss u so much..
u never let my lip dry..
love it,..
wish we would happy ever after coz i really love u Azizi..
5th JANUARY 2011

he came..heheh "clinic"
6th  JANUARY 2011

date ma...aiyaaa,,exciting,exhausted..extend lol..
cute huh,,heheeh(gedix)

8th JANUARY 2011

story of the day..
love u damn much..
thanks 4 doing all this thing,,
12th JANUARY 2011

miss u b...
no description coz u know wht was u so much

26th JANUARY 2011

out of dare came n make move to the creepy place in my heart..huhuh going to future parents in law 's house 3days 2 nyte...

it was 28th january till 30th januarry

there a wedding ceremony of his cousin..

i need to wear selendang as his requested..heheh funny...

the weeding happend n the best thing occur while the day , we had been forced by his relative to snap a picture on the "pelamin"..ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant belive it i was sitting on it by the side of him (my beloved)...

huh...tired already..later i ll show the pic that we was ..

then on Sunday we make a move to Sentul his rent house...also 3 days 2 nyte,,

many thing goes around in this week..

i was so happy n never want to let any moment gone...

even a pieces of SNORE..hehehhe ambarasing...

"time always jealous of us"

time are moving on...

in a couple of time ill need to go..

visit my hometown..

in the mood of missing u

im missing my mom n family too...

btw i always miss the moment with u..

thanks Azizi...
29th January 2011 
31st January 2011
30th January 2011

eat up ! hehehheheh que up 1st...  my love

Hari-hari indah ku tetap berlalu.. semakin hari semakin indah.
Dan setiap  hari juga aku memohon agar perhubungan ini tetap indah hingga ke akhirnya,

1st February 2011 u sent me to titiwangsa 4 CNY.
But before that we had dinner n karaoke…hehe.. it was 31st January 2011
Short meet ,precious moment.

February February February  ….
A lot of things we had been through.
U pick me  at Sentul as begin of our February.
6th February 2011
Then u do meet me the next day..
Lol…im fall sick..poor me I got athma , gastrix , n period cramp in 1..god help me.
7th February 2011 ++Azura++McD++TC
Wowwieee….and today I wrote this thing on 8th February 2011 n u r on yr way to meet me..
I was so excited..*bubur Azizi*..may god bless u b..

Unfortunately ,
As what people said , human juz plan god manage it..
In 25 minute after I stop writing , he called me n said “sorry, my car broke down”
Poor my b..
Start from now I ll never write bout the future.. -_-

day turn happy,  now is my turn..i pick u at HANG  TUAH  LRT STATION..
heheh misu lot..
9th february 2011

hehehehhe..sakit pe?

a day to Alam.. 16th february 2011 wed,

bamboo dash

online !

17th february 2011 going to pd

td 18th february 2011 RNR

thanks a lot b !

what happened on 19th february  2011??
come a  little closer..
check this out..

a wedding  !!

oppss..heheh not us..but his relative..
happy wedding day to mr. n mrs zaidi..

we were there !!
19th february 2011
the craziest n the the stupefied
catchess  catchessss

tired already.... :(
the hunting moment
 20th february 2011

juz arrived



kite nek moto laaa..huhuhu

leya n zizi
wht a wonderful moment..unfortunately u got fever,,so sorry of u..but i always be there for u 21th February 2011..
thanks b coz loving me..

walaupun entry kali ni xde hari - hari indah kite tetap best kan b kan..
kekal dgn senyuman..27th february 2011

and hari ni bb send b at lrt sentul..hope u ll get bless from Allah as  begin yr new career..
28th february u so mmuch..i ll never forget u..


 th march
we r together..
everything happened n nothing change our relationship..n hope we were last 4 ever.
as i ve told u i really love u b!!

hari 9th

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